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Temper Tantrums : Causes & Solutions

Temper Tantrums : Causes & Solutions
Temper Tantrums : Causes & Solutions

Before knowing the causes and solutions for tantrums first let's just understand what tantrums are?

A tantrum is an outburst of anger and frustration,  it is more likely to occur in young children who cannot express their needs or control their emotions when frustrated.


What can cause tantrums in children?

• Craving for attention
• Hunger
• Wanting Something
• Tiredness
• Wants to avoid something ( going to school for example)

•Not able to express how they feel

What are the signs of Temper Tantrums in children:

• Crying
• Screaming
• Whining

• Holding their breath

• Biting
• Pushing
• Throwing things
• Tensing and thrashing their body
• Yelling

How to respond to the tantrums?

• Stay Calm - Try to stay calm and continue doing the work you were doing. Do not let your child think that by throwing tantrums they can get your attention. Otherwise, this will turn into a habit.

• Try Distraction - If you sense your child is going to show tantrums try to distract him before that by pointing out something interesting or toys, etc.

• Ignore the tantrum - This will show that such behaviour is not acceptable and it won't get them what they want.

• Talk to them Calmly - Talk to them about their previous behaviour calmly. Ask them the reasons and try to solve them calmly. It will help to improve the communication between you both.

• Keep them safe -  Remove all the things away from them which can harm them. Also, keep an eye on them so that they will not hurt themselves when they are out of control.


How to prevent temper tantrums?

•  Spend time with your kids - It is important to spend quality time with kids and make them feel that they are important and they are not alone.

• Increase their patience level - Patience plays an important part in everybody's life. They can be developed by exercises, yoga, indoor games, etc.

• Keep their diet and sleep schedule in check - Lack of sleep or not having a balanced diet can also lead to frustration, anger issues and health issues so keep that in check.

• Communication - Keep the communication open, your kid should feel comfortable sharing anything and everything with you without any second thoughts. Your kid should believe that you are going to understand them and solve their problems.

Tantrums are a normal part of our lives. They happen when a child tries to become independent or experience new things. They typically decrease as the child grows and starts understanding things around him and being able to express himself.



Disclaimer:- The opinions expressed in the post are the personal views of the author. They do not necessarily reflect the views of the Clapstore.

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