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Technology: New age Career Opportunities, Adaptation and Balance

Technology: New age Career Opportunities, Adaptation and Balance
Technology: New age Career  Opportunities, Adaptation and Balance

While growing up we were only aware of the traditional career options like being a doctor, engineer, teacher, civil servant, etc. But thankfully technology has transformed the idea of the future and the whole picture has changed. We have started realising that there are many more options available for choosing our careers.

Some of the new-age career options are:
• Data science
• Digital Marketing
• Photography
• Graphics
• Social Media Management
• Influencer
• Blogs
• Blockchain Engineer
• Ethical Hacking

Gen z has proved that there's no connection between success and age. This generation is used to adapting to new things. As they are not afraid to face any challenges or learn new skills, they like to keep themselves updated with new trends. In my opinion, everyone should learn to adapt to new things for a better perspective.         

    Most parents get worried if their children are passionate about sports or any career options other than the traditional one, maybe because of the generation gap or lack of awareness. This is high time that we understand the need for an hour and encourage our children to learn new skills and keep up with the changing scenarios.
As we are heading towards a future where we are getting paid more for our skills than the time. Quality is preferred over quantity and where work effectivity and efficiency matter.

When we are talking about the opportunities which technology has created for us, we should not forget that everything has its pros and cons. Where technology is opening new doors for us it is also addictive at the same time. Not only teens and adults but even kids are getting addicted to it. Where parents are thinking that their kids are learning new things on screen like stories and poems with interest but hardly realising it that it is not only becoming an addiction but also affecting their motor skills, memory, creativity, etc. It can affect their development in a long run. Not just kids but teens and adults are also facing behavioural issues, mental issues, emotional problems, sleep problems, violence, etc.

Hence, it is important to maintain a balance and make the right choice for ourselves and our kids.



Disclaimer:- The opinions expressed in the post are the personal views of the author. They do not necessarily reflect the views of the Clapstore

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