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Screen Time: Effects & Solutions

Screen Time: Effects & Solutions

What is Screen Time & How does it affect your child???

Screen time is the time a person is spending in front of a TV, Mobile, Laptop, PC, etc. We all are aware that kids have access to screens more than ever. But do we all know how it is affecting their growth and overall development? Young children learn by observing the environment around them and by imitating their parents or adults. Too much screen time affects the child's ability to observe and learn from the surrounding environment. Because of this, it will get very tough for parents to engage them in or teach them the typical everyday activities.

For children to be successful, they need to learn how to concentrate, focus and have patience. These abilities start to develop at their earliest age when their brains are more sensitive to the environment around them. Parents need to keep them engaged in conversation and daily activities for their brain development. Too much screen time also affects children's motor skills, memory, creativity, patience level and physical abilities.

Alternatives for Mindless Screen Time :

• Take them outside - Play with them in the garden or take a walk with them or go on a bicycle ride or any other fun activities. It will help to develop their physical and mental abilities.

• Indoor Creative Games: Teach them Crafts or let them play with colours or let them paint.  With such activities, they will learn to differentiate between shapes or colours, etc. It will also help to boost their creativity and their imaginations.

• Build anything - Built a house for a doll or let them play with some constructive toys. It will help them to learn the cause and effect theory, the importance of balance and patience, etc.

• Engage them in the households: They need to observe the daily activities and be a part of them. It is important to inculcate the values of work and responsibilities in them from childhood. They should know that cooking and cleaning are necessities and not gender roles. Ask them to pick up that book and keep it on the table. Ask them to pass that empty plate to you in the kitchen, and let them take the responsibilities of such small-small work every day.

• Read and Write - Read them story books or poems it will teach them new words, and right pronunciations and will boost their imagination power. For teaching them how to write or hold a pen there are many options and one of them is the Magic Practice Book by Clapstore.


   Parenting is not easy as it seems and Screen times are not the solution to keep your child engaged. In my opinion brand like Clapstore is doing a great job by providing the solution for the mindless screen time in the form of Instructive and Constructive Toys.




Disclaimer:- The opinions expressed in the post are the personal views of the author. They do not necessarily reflect the views of the Clapstore.

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